Other Questions

   Can firestorage be used in every country?

If there are no access restrictions domestically, firestorage can be used from every country.

   Can you support me via phone call?

We are sorry, but we do not offer phone support.
Please send us email from the menu "Help/Contact".
If the question is about your PC operation, firestorage may not be able to support you.

   Is firestorage available to use with smart phones or tablet devices?

We are sorry, but we only provide the service on browsers on PCs.

   Is there a possibility that the file will be damaged or changed during uploading/downloading?

firestorage does NOT damage/change anything about your files.

   I receive too many Download notice emails.

Case 1. Do not you want to receive Download notice emails?
Please uncheck the checkbox so that you do not receive the download notice when you upload a file.

Case 2. Are you not sure why you receive so many Download notice emails?
If a person who received the Download URL tries to download a file by using download tool, numerous access occurs, and the numerous download notices are sent.
It is better to tell them not to use download tools.

   In spite of having sent the inquiry, I have not received the reply.

We reply to inquiries as soon as possible but sometimes it may take longer than you expected.
Please wait for our reply.
Also it is better to check the spam email box of your email software.
Sometimes our email is considered as spam.

   Is my file is secured?

Please visit the "Security Page" for details.