What is “firestorage”?

It is the No.1 online storage service in Japan which makes it possible to send a large file and to receive it quickly and easily.

There are two types of the online storage, the storing and the sending

In case of the storing type, you can share all the files in folder by sharing the online folder with other people.
On the other hand, in case of the sending type like this service, you can send the file specified to other people easily and quickly. You just need PC linked to the Internet. Anyone can use anytime, anywhere.

What are you doing to send a large file?

In case you attach a file to an email:
Files fill the capacity of my email box immediately… It takes time to receive files… I can’t attach a file because of my email software restriction…
In case you store a file in USB or CD-ROM and send it:
It is troublesome to prepare media and store a file in it… It takes time to receive the file… It is also costly to prepare media and ship it…

firestorage solves those problems

・Easy steps. All you need is to upload a file and email its download URL.
・Maximum upload file size is 2GB. The capacity is much greater than a regular email.
・We prepare the environment which makes it possible to upload and download at high speed.
・Basic function is for Free. As a paid member, you have many more functions available.

The reason firestorage is playing an active part in the business scene

We offer broad functionality and security services.

The function which can respond to various business scenes:
Sending the download URL automatically to other person… Making the download page for the person specified… Making the upload page for other person…etc.

Security countermeasures for protecting user's files:
Automation Virus Scan of Upload file, The countermeasures against unauthorized access to Download URL, The countermeasures against unauthorized login to your management page, Password for Download URL, Enciphered Communication, Management of personal information, Data Duplication, Data center system…
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Style of using

firestorage is widely used from individual users to multiple business users.
Compare Membership Plan

As a free membership:

・Management of uploaded files
・Check the number of downloads
Please register from here. You need only to enter your email address.

As a paid membership:

・All the function of a free membership
・Enlarge the upload size and storage file size
・Speed up downloading (depends on the plan)
・Customize the download page
・Enciphered Communication by SSL
Please upgrade your membership after registration, if you want to use as the paid member.