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To send your file, you need to upload a file and send a Download URL via email to those whom you want to. At that time, the convenient following options are available. 

・Upload period option
Uploader can set when the receiver can download file from 1 hour to 7 days.
・Download password
In case a password is set, a download page can be accessed only when password is entered.
・Comment on the Download page
In case comments are entered, comments display on a Download page.
・Notification sound
When upload finishes, notification alert sounds.
・Specifying email group
When upload finishes, “File upload notice” is sent, which is entered at “Email group” menu.
・File deletion
Those who received a Download URL can delete a file on the Download page.
・Name input
In case the Name input box is checked, the download page can be accessed only when the name of those who downloaded is entered. In this case, Password setting becomes invalid.
・File download notice
You receive “File download notice” by email when file download starts.
・URL for Multiple files
Multiple files on one URL … You can issue one Download URL for multiple files. Multiple files are individually downloadable after access to URL.
Zip up multiple files … You can issue one Download URL for multiple files which are automatically zipped up. Zip file is downloadable by one click.
Open up all files in ZIP (beta version ) …All files in Zip file are automatically opened up on the Download page. Multiple files are individually downloadable.
・Specifying file group
When you upload a file, you can store a file in a file group which is set before upload.