Is the next payment by a credit card made automatically?

Yes, your credit card will be charged every 30 days automatically after you subscribed the membership.

   How can I stop the next payment by a credit card?

Please cancel your subscription on the "Subscription Plan" menu before the next payment day.
Even after the cancellation, you can use the service as the free membership.
In this case, you cannot cancel the paid membership unless you have 2 or less GiB of stored files.

   Can I get a receipt?

We are sorry but we do not issue a receipt.
But you can issue a invoice on the "Subscription Plan" menu.

   How can I change the credit card information?

You can change it on the "Subscription Plan" menu.
If you have any question about credit card payments, please contact us from here.

   After the credit card payment, how soon I can use a paid membership?

Right after the credit card payment has been done, you will be able to use the paid membership services. Please re-login to the Management page.

   I already canceled the subscription but the payment still occurs.

Do you have another account on firestorage?
Please cancel all the subscription.