Registration and Subscription

   How can I downgrade my membership to Standard Plan from Professional Plan?

You need to cancel your subscription first on "Subscription Plan" menu and subscribe to new plan.
In this case, you cannot cancel the paid membership unless you have 2 or less GiB of stored files.

   In spite of having registered with firestorage, I have not received an email.

Your email software (such as outlook) may recognize our email as spam.
Please check the spam mail folder and trash box.
If you find the email there, please register our email address to be received.

   In spite of having registered with firestorage, I cannot login with my password.

You must login within 15 minutes after our system sends you the password.
Please register to firestorage again and get new Password.

  I subscribed to the paid membership service but the status is still free membership.

Case 1. Do you have other account on firestorage? (twitter or facebook, etc)
You may have two accounts with firestorage, a free and a paid membership account.
Please login to your account that subscribed to the paid membership.

Case 2. Did you login again after the processing of subscription?
After you subscribe the paid membership, you must log out once and login again to firestorage.

Case 3. Did you subscribe for the paid membership? Not Extra Storage Capacity?
After login, go to "Subscription plan" and check it.


   I already canceled the subscription but the payment still occurs.

Do you have other account on firestorage?
Please cancel all the subscription.

   How can I change my password?

Case 1: Do you know your password?
You can change your password on the "Account Settings" menu.

Case 2: Did you forget your password?
Please issue new password from here.